Angel City Air has established itself as an industry leader through the commitment, experience and competitive nature of its leadership. With President Larry Welk in command, Angel City Air management can meet your every need with creative methods to streamline your aerial operation.

Larry Welk - President
In 1996, Larry became chief pilot and reporter for KCAL Television news. In 1998, Larry started his own company, Angel City Air, Inc. purchasing his own helicopters for ENG and production operations around the country. Currently, Angel City Air owns and operates in Los Angeles KNBC's "NewsChopper 4" and KTLA's "SKY5" as well as working on various freelance production and special project jobs. His vast knowledge and skill, particularly over breaking-news events such as fires, natural disasters and car chases, as well as his years of experience in the Southern California aviation community, have earned him and his company Angel City Air the reputation as a leader in the aerial ENG and aerial production field. Larry has received many awards for his outstanding service, including two Emmy nominations, one Emmy award, a national Sports Emmy award, accolades from the National Broadcast Pilots Association, the Greater Los Angeles Press Club and many other media and aviation organizations. Larry has assembled the best staff and management team in the business and continues his leadership role by insisting in nothing but the best for his clients and employees.

Wayne Richardson - Director of Flight Operations
As director of Flight Operations Wayne oversees all aviation assetsin support of Angel City Air's multitude of business models (ENG, Production, charter, utility contract support, and aircraft leasing).

Wayne has been in the helicopter business since 1986 with extensive operational management experience. He is an ATP rated pilot with more than 10,000 hours in helicopters.

Fred Grullon - Broadcast & Production Operations Manager
Fred joined Angel City Air in 2011, Fred has over 25 years in broadcasting and production, he manages the Photographers, DP's and all of the daily broadcast and production needs for Angel City Air's clients. Prior to his position at Angel City Air Fred was the Operations Manager for CNN's Western Region and before that he was the News Operations Manager for KTNV the ABC station in Las Vegas.

Aldo Bentivegna - Chief Pilot
Aldo was born and raised in Los Angeles. After completing his BA degree at California State University, Long Beach, he began his flight training. In 1990, Aldo obtained his Commercial and Instructor ratings. After several years of experience, he became Chief Pilot and Company Flight Instructor for several companies in the Los Angeles area. With over 8000 hours of flight time, his experience includes utility flying, production, radio and TV new gathering; as well as private and charter flying. Aldo has flown for Angel City Air since 2003.

Stephen Krallman - CFO
Mr. Krallman is the Chief Financial Officer of Angel City Air, Inc. and joined the Company in March of 2013 from Ares Commercial Real Estate Management, LLC, where he was the Chief Accounting Officer, and was responsible for the financial reporting and accounting for both managed funds and Ares Commercial Real Estate Corporation ("ACRE"), a publicly traded REIT. Prior to Ares, he was Senior Vice President of Finance of Anchor Loans, where he supervised the accounting, financial reporting and servicing operations of the company. Prior to Anchor Loans, Mr. Krallman was a Vice President with Ocwen Financial where he was part of the senior management team responsible for the tax credit investment and commercial loan business. Prior to Ocwen, Mr. Krallman was a member of the audit staff of Deloitte & Touche and Kenneth Leventhal & Company. Mr. Krallman is a Certified Public Accountant in California (inactive).

Mr. Krallman received his Bachelor in Business Administration - Accounting from the University of San Diego and was the scholar athlete of the year for the West Coast Conference.


Larry Welk
He's the successful President of Angel City Air, the popular Pilot/Reporter for CBS 2 and KCAL 9 News and the Grandson of the famous Bandleader, Lawrence Welk. But it's the little known trivia of Larry Welk's career that makes him stand out from his peers.

Larry started out in news, not as a pilot, but as a cameraman, convincing a local Los Angeles Pilot/Reporter to give him a shot at aerial photography - a position that allowed him to fly helicopters between news stories.

Larry is a hero, while covering a breaking news story in 1992 of a man caught in the torrents of the Los Angeles River; Larry leapt from his camera position in the news helicopter into the raging river and rescued the doomed victim.

Larry was on scene for the 1992 Los Angeles riots spawned by the Rodney King beating incident.

In 1994, when the earth shook in Northridge, CA, Larry broke the news from above of the devastating destruction to the city. Later that year, Larry was over the infamous OJ Simpson "White Bronco" slow-speed police chase that ushered in the era of police pursuit coverage.

In 2001, while covering the Academy Awards in Hollywood, Larry broke away from his duty to aid a fellow pilot with her crippled helicopter fly back to Van Nuys Airport - the helicopter crashed on a taxiway and Larry and his cameraman rescued the injured pilot and cameraman from the wreckage.

In 2003, Larry flew his "Sky 9" helicopter for the motion picture SWAT - in an early scene, Sky 9 can be seen hovering over a bank hold-up.

Larry Welk's notoriety as an industry icon has spread to other countries. From news articles to documentaries, foreign journalists from around the world turn to Angel City Air for the expertise and years of experience Larry offers. It's safe to say, there's nothing trivial about the amazing career of Larry Welk.