Angel City Air is proud to provide first class aerial services. Because we actually own the equipment, we are better positioned to meet the needs of our camera rental and production clients.

We operate Eurocopter AS-350 helicopters, which are the best platforms for aerial production. Their combination of power, speed, performance, and cabin space allow for an efficient, lower-stress production environment.

As a full-service provider, we can supply everything
you need for your next aerial project, including:
  • HD Camera Systems
  • SAG Pilots
  • Aerial Directors of Photography
  • FAA Approved Motion Picture Manual
  • Air to Ground Radios
  • Wireless HD Video Links
  • Fuel Trucks
  • Aerial Production Coordinators
  • Ground Support Personnel
If you are planning a shoot anywhere near the Los Angeles area, give us a call. Our aircraft are well equipped: pre-rigged with cameras, monitors, radios, and are ready to go almost at a moments notice. This can save you time and money, especially when compared to other local companies (who would need to spend additional time installing the camera and prepping their helicopters). Also, if you just need a quick couple of shots, we can put together an hourly package rate, saving you thousands over comparable full day aerial shoots.

We don't just work in the Los Angeles area, but it may not always make sense to fly one of our helicopters to your location. In that case we will send crews to you, complete with all the necessary equipment, and we can even coordinate a local helicopter which fits your individual shoot requirements. If you are an AS-350 or 206/407 operator looking to rent camera systems to serve your clients, we would love to be your equipment vendor. Contact us for more information on aircraft / camera system compatibility.

About our Cameras
We own multiple Cineflex camera systems which serve both our aerial production and equipment rental clients. They are high serial number late model systems, and incorporate Sonyís most recent cameras and Fujinonís best lenses.

The New GSS C520 Camera System:

Angel City Air's Aerial Production Rentals is ready to offer clients the Gyro-Stabilized Systems' C520 the most versatile latest generation 5-axis gyro-stabilized platform with a 20 inch diameter gimbal. The platform was developed by former Cineflex engineers to integrate the latest full-size and modular digital cinema cameras with any long or short lens option available on the market today in a fast, efficient and affordable setup. The camera payload options include: Sony F55 camera, Red Epic-X or Red Epic Dragon. Each camera can be custom configured with the Canon 30-300, Fujinon Premier optimo 18-200 or Angenieux Optimo 24-290/28-340. The GSS C520 is a high performance-high demand platform a hybrid open-platform system that is light and compact, has increased performance and functionality over traditional open-platform systems, the GSS 520 is not ITAR controlled and can be shipped as excess baggage nationally or around the world. This system is available for rentals from Aerial Production Rentals today. More information about the GSS 520 can be found here: Neumann Films' GSS Review.

Cineflex Camera System Options:

  • Sony HDC-1500s
  • Sony HDW-F950
  • Fujinon 7.8 x 22 lens
  • Fujinon 9.7 x 42 lens
  • Fujinon 13.5 x 42 lenses

Helicopter Mount Options:
  • Airfilm AFSP-1 for AS-350 / 355 series helicopters
  • Airfilm G-1 for Bell 206 & 407 series helicopters
  • Airfilm AF200 for AS-350 series helicopters

Shipping Options:

  • Cineflex and The New GSS C520 camera systems are lightweight, compact, and can therefore be shipped directly to your location. Alternatively, our camera operators and technicians can carry the equipment as excess baggage on many commercial airlines. The entire system and mount generally occupies only 5 cases, all of which meet most airlines baggage requirements, potentially saving time and money as opposed to shipping.

Insurance Options:

  • While we generally request that companies renting from us provide a certificate of insurance covering the equipment, occasionally a company may not carry the appropriate policy or coverage amount. In this case, we can provide full insurance coverage on the equipment for a small daily cost.

We're not just a helicopter company...
Aviation is just one part of what we do. ACA has some of the most experienced aerial camera operators, video engineers, and camera technicians around. Additionally, we have relationships with many other aerial production companies, such as Airborne Images, who routinely use our equipment and aerial photographers for many of the best shows on TV right now.

We also pursue specialized applications for our camera systems, such as camera-car and other vehicle mounts, boat mounts, and government / military needs. Stay tuned...we are currently developing some exciting new services!


Have you seen our work?
Here is a partial list of some of the productions our equipment or people have been involved with recently:

  • "Swamp Loggers" (Discovery)
  • "Top Shot" (History)
  • "The Closer" (TNT)
  • "NCIS: Los Angeles" (CBS)
  • "The Bachelor" (ABC)
  • "Top Gear USA" (History)
  • "24" (Fox)
  • "Nature" (PBS)
  • "Out of the Wild, Surviving Alaska" (Discovery)
  • "Dirty Jobs" (Discovery)
  • "The Hills" (MTV)
  • "Entourage" (HBO)
  • "One Six Right: The Romance of Flying" (Terwilliger Productions)
  • "Extreme Logging"
    (Discovery, Nov 2008)
  • "NCIS" (CBS)
  • "NOVA" (PBS)